I'm Justyna.

I am Creative Brand Assistant. I work with Nutritionists & Dietitians. I create for Passionate Food Entrepreneurs. I cooperate with Health Professionals. I provide services all over the world.

Let's create your Very Important Brand together.

What can I do for you?

Website Design & Development

Marketing Strategy & Communication

Social Media Design & management

Presentation, Planner &
eBook Design


My Recent Designs


Who am i working for

Nutritionists & Dietitians

Personal Trainers & Coaches

Passionate Food Entrepreneurs

Academic Lecturers

Wellness Coaches

Yoga Instructors


What My Clients Say?

I get along with Justyna without any problems from the very beginning of our cooperation. She is versatile - she deals with both content creation and development plan. I recommend working with Justyna if you are looking for a real assistant who will not be surprised by even the 'strangest' tasks.
Maya Kaniecka
Papierove Love
Justyna told me what to do with an idea that just appeared in my head. She quickly and professionally helped me find myself and not only helped me to create what I wanted, but also motivated me to continue my further actions. Full of energy and optimistic. My best Assistant.
Sara Brown
Start New Life - Vegan Life
Justyna took everything from my head that I can't and don't like to do. Thanks to her, I have more time for what I do really well. Justyna not only performs various tasks quickly and reliably, but is also a competent advisor. She can solve any problem. I wish I had used her services sooner.
Leyla Finley
Yoga Instructor

How Many Hours package do you need?



5 Hours per month

£28 per Hour



10 Hours per month

£25 per Hour



20 Hours per month

£23 per Hour



40 hours per month

£20 per Hour

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